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Whether you are learning to drive, or supervising someone who is, you will find our blog loaded with informative articles.

There are essential tips for learners who are just starting out and a wealth of information covering driving scenarios that are commonly misunderstood by everyone, regardless of their experience.

But we don’t just stop with learners. Our advanced section provides real insight into what it takes to drive safely for life – and it all comes down to attitude.

Why stress? Driving should be relaxed, enjoyable and above all, safe. At Traffic Safe Driving Academy we have you covered on all counts.



Should P Plate drivers be restricted in the number of passengers they can carry?

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A lifetime’s safe driving starts here

On this website we want to bring to you information and resources to help you ‘learn to drive for life not for a licence‘.

We provide help and advice to you and your supervising driver, assistance with finding a good instructor, strategies to overcome nerves associated with parsing your test, and more.

Check out our e-book. For a very small cost you can get a 100-page ‘Learning to drive’ manual – fully illustrated and in colour.

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