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Fake is like a mirror, reflecting the health index of the entire retail industry

This is the case, a few days ago, there are media reports, the police destroyed a dedicated business platform to sell fake groups, mainly luxury goods, such as Ray Ban glasses, Coach bag, Anima watch, and MK handbags and so on. The gang from Guangdong Houjie purchase, to 10% of the price of genuine purchase, and then increase the price to the Internet to sell, one day to sell more than 100.

Honestly, this is not a big news, fake everywhere, whether online or offline, although the government and the platform has been committed to fake, but after all, no way to put an end, fake like a mirror, reflecting the whole Retail industry health index, but more and more online traffic tends to focus on several major business platform in the case of a little careless, it will become a fake distribution center.

The biggest highlight of this news is that the sale of fake platform is Jingdong global purchase and one shop. According to Zhejiang online reports, only in Jingdong global purchase and sale of Coach top ten shops all verified as fake.

No. 1 shop to understand, after all, people dominate the global supermarket, but Jingdong global purchase is not 100% authentic? If the global purchase is fake, that Jingdong brand damage how much? This matter has been reported, in the public opinion circle caused a great disturbance.

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