Wells Fargo pointed out that taking Gap as an example, although the company has closed more than 600 stores since 2008, it needs to close another 305 stores (13% of the total number of stores) in order to achieve its reasonable size.
Lululemon and Victoria’s Secret need to close 19 stores and 76 stores in order to achieve the brand online sales accounted for 22% of total sales revenue penetration rate.

But Ike Boruchow notes that Lululemon is still a young company, and it can also be achieved by the increase in sales of electricity providers, regardless of the store.

Wells Fargo said the US luxury luxury brands Coach and Michael kors each need to close 47 stores to find the balance between online, offline and wholesale sales. Coach recently decided to spend $ 2.4 billion to buy rival Kate Spade.

But not all of the main retailers need to shop. Ike Boruchow pointed out that the United States famous young clothing chain retailer Urban Outfitters and New York fashion brand J. Jill has a suitable store size. Their online business penetration rate of about 38%, far better than other companies. Urban Outfitters has no plans to open more stores in the United States, and J. Jill has been building multi-channel models for many years.

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