Italian designer brand RobertoCavalli has announced that PaulSurridge will serve as brand creative director, to replace PeyerDundas who left last October. He is responsible for the first series will be RobertoCavalli2018 spring and summer series. PaulSurridge was JilSander’s design director, had also served in CalvinKlein and Burberry brands. In the 2016 fiscal year, RobertoCavalli was affected by brand reorganization, resulting in a net loss of € 55 million and total sales fell 13.6% to € 155 million. But the brand CEO GianGiacomoFerraris optimistic about the future, the current brand development tends to be stable, is expected to resume growth in the first quarter.

Prior to joining Dunhill, MarkWeston was the senior vice president of Burberry brand men, responsible for the brand men’s product development and development. It is reported that Dunhill will be released in June London Men’s Week 2018 series of spring and summer series and show a special selection of 2017 autumn and winter series of single product. In addition, Dunhill new CEOAndrewMaag has been formally appointed on January 30, is currently responsible for consolidating Dunhill British men’s luxury brand leadership, expanding online and offline business global influence.

As a global beauty director, ValGarland will be responsible for product development and as a brand makeup artist ambassador to guide the media promotion, ValGarland will lead the team to participate in the Cannes Film Festival this month. It is noteworthy that this year is L’Oreal Paris as the Cannes Film Festival official co-brand of the first 20 years, in the May 17 to 28 during the L’Oreal L’Oreal will be opened at the festival festival beauty start that point, so that the festival People have the opportunity to enjoy the latest brand products and understand the make-up trend.

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