Karte Spade, COACH stressed that the July transaction is expected to complete, although the same industry competition, but the dual brands remain independent of each other, took over, Kate Spade will fully develop the Asian market, the US national package package COACH Group announced yesterday to 2.4 billion acquisition of the same industry brand Karte Spade, , Which Greater China, including China and Taiwan and other brand awareness will be vigorously expanded.

COACH pointed out that COACH and Kate Spade overlap only 10% of the customer, which, Kate Spade’s main customer base for the millennial generation, for the group to inject new market momentum; COACH Group last year also $ 574 million acquisition of senior shoes Brand Stuart Weitzman, the acquisition of Kate Spade turnover of up to 2.4 billion US dollars, the acquisition is expected to come to an end.

COACH revenue in the first quarter of this year, although the slight increase of $ 995 million, but in the retail reform synergies, profit and profit are positive growth.

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